Harmony Cuddles is a professional cuddle therapy in London, UK, offering pure, nurturing platonic touch in a safe, non-judgmental environment where you will be respected and accepted for exactly who you are.

What is professional cuddling?

Professional cuddling is an alternative touch therapy and offers one on one, fully clothed, completely platonic service, where you practice consent, clear communication, respecting boundaries following the Code of conduct. Cuddling session can include talking, eye gazing, hand holding, hugs or various cuddling positions.

Professional cuddle therapy should not substitute any medical or healthcare professional therapy. If you are in doubt, you should always discuss cuddle therapy with your doctor prior the session.


Cuddling therapy“You are not alone”

Touch is one of the basic need we as humans cannot live without hence many of us don’t have enough touch in our daily lives. If you are feeling alone, stressed, lost your spouse, had a challenging day at work or you just want to treat yourself to loving energy via platonic nurturing touch, then you are in the right place.



During a work-related travel trip to London I felt much in need of relief from stress and anxiety, and searched for a professional cuddler on the net (having experienced the benefit of cuddling in my home town). The most amazing experience was Petra’s total commitment to me as a person – not for a single moment I felt like a passer-by, but I felt taken care of personally.~J., 65+
Meeting Petra was a truly wonderful experience. The session was very calming and relaxing. Upon leaving the session, all my problems and worries left me as well.
I cannot recommend Petra enough.~R., 20
Petra is very professional in her approach & application of her therapy.
I was a little apprehensive before my first session, I didn’t know what to expect or even if it was right for me but by being encouraged to ask questions before the session and a video call with Petra, I was soon feeling much more comfortable with the whole process.
During the session, Petra’s warm and comforting persona assisted in providing a relaxing environment.
It wasn’t until I completed my first session that I realised what I’d been missing and what I needed, a good hug & a cuddle. I was pleasantly surprised of the virtually immediate effects of cuddle therapy and after an initial period of scepticism, I am now converted and convinced of the benefits and will certainly book again.
I’m sure it’s different for everyone but I left the session glowing with a feeling of warmth, reassurance and feeling energised.  Although there were other cuddle/touch therapists closer to me, I was happy to travel a fair distance to see Petra.
I would whole-heartedly recommend Petra as a professional cuddle therapist to anyone considering it. It does take a little courage the first time but Petra will put you and your concerns at ease – it’s definitely worth it.~S.
I booked a session with Petra after a period of serious illness. As part of my recovery programme, the session was brilliant and helpful in so many ways. Petra is kind, warm and exceptionally good in making you feel relaxed and comfortable both mentally and physically. The result is a feeling of well-being, peace and of being comforted. I highly recommend Petra for a cuddle session, and if it is your first time, you simply won’t find a better practitioner. Thanks Petra.~Colin, 58
I booked to see Petra because I was feeling alone and stressed by all the usual things in the world. I wasn’t sure what the first session would be like, but honestly, it was one of the most relaxing, and emotionally soothing experiences I’ve ever felt. Petra is highly professional and works to set you at ease from the moment you walk through the door. During the session, Petra provides exactly what she advertises, which is an hour of cuddling and feeling close to another human being. For me, this was very healing and I rebooked to see her again shortly after. I look forward to seeing her again.~Andrew, 35

For me, a cuddle with Petra is perfect for helping me to let go of worries, relax and feel – safe. It’s very like meditation, but with the added benefit of someone gently stroking your hair. For me that makes it more powerful than meditation.~Will, 54
I had never tried a cuddling session before meeting Petra. She made things very easy, relaxed and was very courteous. The cuddling has not only helped with my anxiety; it also had an immediate and positive effect on my sleeping pattern and making me feel rested. Petra is a great cuddling professional and I would recommend her to anyone.~Martin, 42
As I had never tried a professional cuddling service before, I was a little nervous in anticipation of my first session. But, Petra was extremely professional, understanding and pleasant. As the session progressed, I felt more and more relaxed, but at the same time feeling a great surge of energy. I also found Petra to be extremely intelligent and articulate so, in addition to the cuddling, I enjoyed sparkling conversation with her, something I was badly in need of. I had a great feeling of euphoria and energy for many days after the session. I can strongly recommend Petra to anyone wishing to experience the benefits of cuddling therapy.~John, 64